Community Notes



Knox Presbyterian Church follows the “Leading With Care” requirements of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, providing a safe and encouraging environment for children and vulnerable adults.

Mid Week Bible Study   The season of Lent begins on February 26th, which is Ash Wednesday. During Lent this year, we will be following a sermon series called “Questioning Jesus” – examining five questions that Jesus is asked on his journey to Jerusalem.  Our Lenten sermon series will be accompanied by a mid-week Bible Study which be held on Thursdays, starting March 5th and concluding on April 2nd. We will offer the study at 1 PM and again at 7 PM to accommodate those who work, along with those who don’t like to drive at night. Please let Rev. Heather know if you’d like to attend the Study so she can ensure that enough resources are available.

Pies for Sale  The Ladies’ Auxiliary has small meat pies for sale ($8.00 each) also, Strawberry Pies at $9 each.  If interested in purchasing a pie speak to one of the Ladies.

Nickle, Dime, Quarters, Loonie and Toonie us to Death!  Members of the congregation are asked to save small change for our annual Vacation Bible School Mission — plastic jars are available for this; each year the monies collected go to children’s mission within the church at home or abroad.  Speak to or call Janice Barnes 645-5354 if you have questions.

Video  You might have noticed a camera in the sanctuary recently and wondered what is happening?  With the recent upgrades to our internet we now have the ability to record our services on Sundays and upload it to the internet.  If you are unable to attend on a particular Sunday due to a conflict, you can log onto YouTube or go to Knox website to attend church virtually on Sundays.

Annual Bowling Event  Friday, February 14th.  Arrive ahead of time to get shoes bowling begins at 7pm.  The Congregation is invited to attend an evening of fun and fellowship followed by pot-luck snacks and drinks at the Dickie’s —53 McMurray St..

Donate Now  If you have visited the website recently you may have noticed a “Donate Now” feature allowing individuals to contribute to Knox electronically if you find yourself unable to attend worship on Sundays. One more way to contribute to the ministry and mission at Knox!

Don’t Forget  to remember the Manna Food Bank Baskets in the Narthex, Canadian Tire Money for the animal shelter an stamps for the Leprosy Mission.

Communication  Rev. Heather sends out a weekly email with information about our upcoming worship services along with details about other activities taking place at Knox. If you are not on her email list, and would like to be, please contact Heather after the service or simply email your request to

The Coffee is on  letting the congregation know we brew a pot of coffee in the morning so drop by, say hi and help yourself to a cup.


Community Dinners  The Salvation Army is inviting the community to a monthly dinner on various Thursday evenings through out the upcoming calendar year.  View flyer in the Narthex for specific dates and transportation if required.

Wise Mobile Active Living Centre  See flyers for more details if interested in attending any of the activities for Active Seniors at the Bracebridge Centre for Active Living (54 Dominion St).   Join us on Friday, March 13th to tour the McMichael Art Gallery and explore their Canadian Collection of Artwork.  Lunch and guided tour.

Hello from Crieff Hills!  You are warmly invited to a winter Manna Day at Crieff Hills on Thursday, February 27th from 10:30 am to 3 pm.  Come and hear The Rev. Amanda Currie, Moderator of the 2019 General Assembly, speak on Interchurch Families: Uniting the Church through Love. Please register at least a week in advance by calling 1 800 884-1525 or email Cost is $30 (lunch included) and may be paid at the door.

Lakehead University Lecture Series  Feb 12,27 & March 12th—10am to noon. Relations with Nature, others and the spiritual world.  View poster in Narthex with more info regarding guest lecturers and registration. or go to or by phone at 705-330-4008 ext. 2632















































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