COVID UPDATE: With the increasing number of Covid cases, the Session at Knox has made the decision to transition to online-only services once again, beginning immediately to be reassessed at the end of January. It is hoped that this pause will allow our vaccine clinics and testing facilities to catch up with the overwhelming demand while giving us all time to get our boosters. We will be sure to let you know when the Session deems it wise to resume in-person worship services once again. In the meantime, you will continue to be able to worship with Knox every Sunday here on our website and also from our YouTube channel.

Join us online for our “Being” sermon series during the month of January as we discuss how to BE in this new year.


Click the above photo to visit the BUC-Knox Refugee Partnership website.


At Knox you’ll find a group of open-minded and welcoming people who are discovering together how best to live a life of faith, service, and compassion, following in the footsteps of Jesus. You’re welcome to join in the journey! Our worship services are held at 10 am on Sundays and would normally include nursery and Sunday School for our wee ones, but unfortunately, those ministries are on hold during the pandemic.  Our worship services are also available from this website and our YouTube channel. Our worship style is informal and includes various styles of music and teaching. There are also opportunities to connect throughout the week. Updates will be posted regularly here and on our Facebook page.

Knox is passionate about making this world a better place through compassion, friendship, and commitment. The Knox family gives financially, prayerfully, and practically to a number of local, national, and global charities and causes. You are invited to join in this cause!

There are a variety of ways in which you can partner with Knox in caring for our community and the wider world. There is a DONATE button here on our website which will take you to Canada Helps where you can make a donation. We also now have the capacity to receive E-TRANSFERS which can be sent directly to our email address – knoxbb(at)muskoka.com. You can also sign up for PAR, Pre-Authorized Remittance which allows you to make a monthly donation to Knox directly from your bank account, or you can mail your gift to Knox at 120 Taylor Rd., Bracebridge, ON, P1L 1J2. Thank you so much for serving God by serving others.

                When God’s people gather, there are no visitors or guests, only family.                   

May you discover family at Knox and be filled with God’s abundant love.

120 Taylor Rd., Bracebridge, ON, P1L 1J2, 705-645-4521, knoxbb(at)muskoka.com


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