Groups and Ministries

Christian Education Committee:

Chair : Liz McKeen 705-645-3310  —

Committee Members : Michael Barnes, Liz McKeen,

Responsible for the planning and implementation of the educational programs of the church. Currently these are:

Cradle Roll (infant baptisms & follow-up)

Nursery Care (during Sunday morning worship for infants, toddlers  & children up to JK)

Knox Rox (aka Church School SK – 8   Children go to class after the  2nd hymn on Sunday mornings)

Youth Group (Grade 7 & up – meet periodically for special activities & fellowship)

Wednesday Food, Fun & Fellowship (intergenerational event – 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings September – Easter,
includes pot luck supper & activities for adults & kids)

Bible Studies- Vacation Bible School- Church Library

We welcome new members to the committee and people willing to help with the programs as teachers or leaders. Please contact any of the committee members  if you would like to help in any way.


Communications Committee:

Chair: Marlene Buwalda-Liao –

Committee Members: Jan Kaye, Nicolle Balders-Kaune, Elaine Heron, Jody Klinkman,

The communications committee is responsible for communications within the congregation of Knox Church, and communication  beyond our walls into our community. We are responsible for trying to maintain good communication about things going on at Knox Church and welcoming our community. We update and look after the bulletin boards, calendars, bulletins, emails, outside sign, the website and Knox flyers.


Decorating Committee:

Chair: Catherine Elliott –

Committee Members: Joan Buwalda, Linda Ann Jewell, Jan Kaye, Carole Schulz, Mary-Lyn Tebby.

The decorating committee’s aim is to improve the aesthetics of our building with input from members of the congregation, Rather than have permanent artwork on display we invite those who produce or own artwork that might be displayed for a three month period. Displays are presently being changed at the end of December, March, June and September. We hope you enjoy the contributions of our many talented people. Currently we are considering changes that would improve the attractiveness of the front of the sanctuary. With the new organ to incorporate along with the piano and electronic organ we have much to consider. Fortunately an interior designer has generously offered some suggestions for changes that might be made. The original decorating committee was in charge of providing flower arrangements for the sanctuary. Joan Buwalda from that committee is now a part of this expanded group. If you wish to place flowers in the church for any occasion contact her at 705-706-2251. If you have suggestions for us you might speak with any committee member.

Ladies of Knox:   Team leaders

Secretary-Chair:  Joan Buwalda

Treasurer:  Irene Thomson

Catering:  Betty Watt

Pies:  Carolyn Dickie

Members:  All the ladies from the congregation wishing to come out

The ladies of Knox do a lot of different functions in our congregation. During the year we have three potluck luncheons, with meetings if needed and sometimes entertainment. We make pies every month, except Dec, July and August, that are for sale.  In Dec we do our cookie boxes with over 3 dozen small, delectable eatables, just in time for Christmas, these are also for sale. We do catering for our own congregation and donate monies to various organizations, including our own church.    We enjoy a great camaraderie amongst us all!


Leading WithCare: 

Team members: Michael Barnes   phone: 705-645-5354,

It is the policy of The Presbyterian Church in Canada that all persons, and in particular all children, youth and vulnerable adults, who participate in the denomination’s programs/ministries and/or use the denomination’s facilities will be cared for with Christian compassion and will be safe.

We require anyone in a volunteer position who works with children, youth and vulnerable adults to have a police records check.


Pastoral care committee:

Chair: Carolyn Dickie – 705-645-4292

Committee Members:     Janice Barnes 645-5354,  Joan Buwalda ( 706-2251 ),                                 Ann Forman 646-7610,  Betty Watt ( 645-5153 ).

The Pastoral Care Committee attends to the needs of our Church Family. We provide visits to those in the hospital or shut-ins, along with sending cards to members with special anniversaries, birthdays get well and bereavements.  We give plants to some members at Easter and Christmas.  We help families in need at Christmas with money or gifts.  Our annual caroling night is very popular as about 25 of us sing to members at their homes and also Retirement and Nursing homes.  Coffee hour is an important part of our Church Life and we make sure it is signed up for each week. We depend on the congregation to let us know of situations where we could be doing these things or more.

The Stewardship Committee: 

Chair: Paul Van Schyndel 705-645-1833

Committee Members:  David Jewel, Catherine Elliot, Linda Crawford, Ingrid Van Schyndel and Sharon Veitch

This committee is responsible for coordinating methods of enhancing stewardship in our church as well as promoting mission. Fundraising events are held throughout the year.


Worship Committee: 

Chair: Elaine Heron – 705-645-9710

Committee Members: Norma Bustard, Ann Foreman, Paul Gockel, Ken Heron, Jan Kaye,  Alex Malcolm, Joyce Ross, Ann Swan

The Worship Committee is made up of Elders and other members or adherents from the congregation.   It is charged with the responsibility of enhancing the worship life of Knox by assisting and supporting the minister in the planning and implementing of worship opportunities. Some of the areas we have input in is: music, choir, lay readers, drama productions and special services. Our newest responsibility is the producing and running of what you see on the screen each Sunday, using a program called “Easy Worship”. If you are interested in becoming involved, or have an idea or suggestion, please speak to a committee member.