Minister’s Message

Hello, and welcome to Knox’s website! I’m glad you’ve joined us online and invite you to drop in and visit us in person as well. If you’re new to Bracebridge – or to Knox – then we have something in common! I’m the new minister at Knox and just began my new duties in early October, and we’re also new to Bracebridge, having recently moved here from Baxter (south-west of Barrie). There are many things about life in Muskoka that I truly love: the smell of pine and cedar when I step out my front door in the morning, the friendliness of those I meet while out walking our dogs, the inspiring landscape of rivers, rocks, and trees. The beauty of God’s creation is truly on display!

We are blessed to be able to worship God in the midst of all this beauty and so I invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Worship is informal and I trust that you will receive a message that will relate to the challenges and joys of everyday life. If Sunday’s don’t work for you, there’s lots going on at Knox throughout the week as well. Or feel free to drop by the church or contact me by phone, email, or facebook. I’m looking forward to connecting with our new community and discovering together how we can serve God by serving our neighbour.

Peace be with you,