BASKETRY & BURSERY – The basketry group meets on weekly on Tuesdays at 10am. Our projects are varied from beginner to advanced. basketry2We welcome newcomers who will experience a warm supportive workshop in a positive skill building environment .  A five dollar per week fee is collected and dispersed to applicants who are involved in post secondary courses.  Now open to all crafters! bring your craft and join the camaraderie!


MANNA FOOD BANK: – Link to  Manna Food Bank website   Each week members of Knox Church donate food to the local Manna Food bank. Monetary donations are also accepted.

foodbank knox

BBOOTC – Bracebridge Out of the Cold: Dinners are offered all through the winter months on Tuesdays at the Bracebridge United Church and Wednesdays at the Lions Club.  There is also a drop-in held at St. Joe’s Catholic church from 1-4pm on Tuesdays November to April.

SEND KIDS TO CAMP:   Every Year we raise money to send kids to camp who may not get a chance to go to camp otherwise….  Camp Cairn – a Presbyterian Summer Camp – Link to Camp Cairn website

MUSKOKA CHAPLAINCY –  Link to Muskoka Chaplaincy website  Members of Knox Church Bracebridge donate time and finances to the continuing work of the Chaplaincy program in Muskoka;  caring for the human spirit.   The mission of the Muskoka Chaplaincy Association is to promote, educate, facilitate and advocate for the religious and spiritual care needs of patients and residents in the hospital and long-term care facilities throughout Muskoka.   Spiritual care acknowledges that we are more than physical bodies that require medical care.  Spiritual care helps us maintain health and cope with illnesses, traumas, losses and life transitions by integrating mind, body and spirit.  Financial donations can be mailed to: The Muskoka Chaplaincy Association, P.O. Box 156, Bracebridge, On P1L 1T6.  Call 705-646-1697 for further information.                                                 


February 16: CY 2020: No End in Sight

This July, hundreds of youth, young adults and leaders will gather for five days of soul-satisfying worship at Canada Youth. They will enjoy unique expressions of faith in both large and small groups, inspiring keynotes and workshops, dynamic faith exploration and joyful celebration. For 20 years, CY has been a gathering place for all kinds of enthusiastic Presbyterians to worship, play, create, learn, dance, sing, act, make new friends, study scripture, share joy, reflect, pray and share. More than 4,000 people have attended the event since it began, and the impact has been felt across our church. Presbyterians Sharing provides support for this unique event which comes around once every two years. Let’s celebrate the vibrant ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada!

Presbyterians Sharing supports Canada Youth

February 23: Screening for health in Somalia

Samsam, a mother of five, lives in a community in Somalia where access to food is a consistent struggle and many people are malnourished. Samsam jumped at the opportunity to join a PWS&D-supported program to learn about nutrition for infants and young children. Through this program, she discovered a simple trick for determining whether a child or mother is malnourished: taking a measurement near the top of their arm. Now, by helping community members screen for malnutrition, Samsam is making sure that people in her village are receiving the care that they need. This program demonstrates the multiplying effect of enabling communities to help themselves. With 1,540 people trained on how to measure malnutrition in this way, over 15,000 children and 5,000 women have been screened so far.

PWS&D helps children and mothers embrace a more promising future












































































































































































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